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13 - 1 Describe the Federal Court system What are the basic...

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1. Describe the Federal Court system. What are the basic duties of each of the courts described in your text? Supreme Court (highest court in the country. The Constitution says nothing about the size of the Supreme Court. The current Court includes a chief justice and eight associate justices. Only hears state cases with national issues), Courts of Appeals (There are 13. Intermediate-level applellate courts. Only appellate jurisdiction, no trial), District Courts (There are 95. Trial court level. Jurisdiction includes both civil and criminal cases), Court of International Trade, Court of Federal Claims. 2. Explain the process of judicial selection. Senators in same party can recommend judges for positions in state, Senatorial courtesy, Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearings,Nominees generally have similar political philosophy Are there differences in the process for district, court of appeals, and Supreme Court nominees? If so, what? White House generally takes more care with nominations to the courts of appeal than it does
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