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TEST 1 STUDY SHEET THINK, Introduction 1. Define the following terms: Americans With Disabilities Act.- Federal law to end discrimination against persons with disabilities and to eliminate barriers to their full participation in American Society. Government.- + affects us through regulations, taxes, and services + Institution with the authority to set policy for society + Actions inherently political Politics.- The way in which decisions for a society are made and considered binding most of the time by most of the people Public policy.- Method for studying government and politics that focuses on the process through which government decision-makers respond, or fail to respond, to an issue Policymaking.- Defines complex factors outside of government itself Normative analysis.- is a method of study based on certain values Empirical analysis.- employs scientific methods and strives for objectivity. Feedback.- refers to the impact of the results of policy evaluation on the policy process 2. List and define the five stages of policymaking. Agenda Building.- The process through which problems become matters of public concern and government action Policy Formulation .- Involves the development of strategies for dealing with the problems on the official policy agenda Policy adoption.- is the official decision of a government body to accept a particular policy and put it into effect. Policies are adopted through the legislative process. Policy Implementation.- Stage where policies are carried out. Can be by government, or individuals, groups, businesses, and other actors outside of the government Policy Evaluation .- is concerned with the assessment of policy, involving questions of equity, efficiency, effectiveness, and political feasibility. 3. What are some ways government affects our lives? regulations, taxes, and services 4. What are the three complex factors outside of government that affect policymaking? The issues government addresses, the kinds of responses it is willing to consider, and the resources available to the government depend on international, cultural, demographic, economic, constitutional, and political environments. 5. What is an issue network? Who might me a member? A group of political actors that are actively involved with policymaking in a particular issue area. THINK, Chapter 1 – A Changing America 1. Define the following terms: Gross Domestic Product (GDP).- The total value of goods and services produced by a nation’s economy in a year, excluding transactions with foreign countries. Democracy.- a system of government in which ultimate political authority is vested in the people. Capitalism.- economic system characterized by individual and corporate ownership of the means of production and a market economy based on the supply and demand of goods and services. Demographics.-
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T1%20Study%20Guide%20Spring%2020100 - TEST 1 STUDY SHEET...

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