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Experts discuss Torture issues Sarah H. Wright, News Office What is Torture and what is the controversy over it? Jenkins: Boyd:  Torture not only affects the victims and the ones close to them, it affects the torturer as well and everyone the torturer represents. The psychological and physical pain caused to the victim creates a terrible sense of guilt to the torturer and a bad reputation to those represented by him. Torturers have to suffer from knowing what they did to another human being. Shame and guilt will haunt the torturers mind throughout their life. Many times memories of the torture come back over and over again. The voices of the victims will prevent the torturers to live in peace with themselves. Sontag believes, “Americans are being warned against indulging in an orgy of self- condemnation” (Sontag 655). The tortures that took place in Abu Ghraib affected the whole country of the torturers; it left America with a really bad reputation. Matthew Brown comments in his article, “it is clear that [America’s]
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