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Armando Gomez-Farias M. Ramirez 11 / 10 / 09 ENG. 1301 Halloween Extra Credit Activity Marqueta de Dia de los Muertos Friday October 30 th , 2009, I went to the Marketa with two friends. The location was farther than we expected, but we arrived safely. We got there a little bit early and the Marketa had not started yet. But everything was already set up, so we were still able to see everything the Marketa had to offer. In the first room there was a display of Next to the display there was a cafeteria, which sold coffee and some snacks. At first we thought that was everything it had to offer, but then we found that there were many more rooms. It was like a maze; there were halls and rooms all over the place. We found many
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Unformatted text preview: cultural paintings like the ones of Mexicans free-wrestlers. There was another room with paintings of televisions showing celebrities like Elvis Presley, Chespirito, and Cepillin. We kept on going from room to room looking at all the art they had to offer. There was a room we they were performing tarot readings. At the end of the halls and after all the rooms, there was a big open room where the main event was going to be held. They were selling “calavertias” which are little skulls made of sugar. There was a band playing and people dancing ranchero music. I think the Marqueta was a very interesting place and a very cultural activity. I enjoyed it and hope to experience more events like those....
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