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againstschool - John Taylor Gatto a New York State teacher...

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John Taylor Gatto, a New York State teacher who one the Teacher of the Year award, wrote an article called "Against School - How public education cripples our kids, and why." In this article he criticizes America’s public education system, in which he believes children receive a worthless schooling instead of being educated. Gatto describes in his article the problem of schooling, the history behind the education system, the real purpose of America’s schooling, and the effects this problem has caused. He motivates American parents to seek qualities like curiosity, adventure, and leadership in their children. Gatto starts his article with the personal experience he has had with school that led him to discover the great feeling of boredom within school. Kids argued that school was to easy and pointless, which made them feel not challenged. Teachers argued kids only cared for a grade and not of actually learning. Gatto’s grandfather taught him that everyone is
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