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Armando Gomez-Farias @01156514 Anne Hutchinson I believe Anne Hutchinson did not committee any crime. She may have had committed a crime in the eyes of the closed minded Puritans, but not from my point of view. Anne Hutchinson was a woman who did not settled for the way the Puritans wrongly managed their society. Hutchinson was decided to fight for religious freedom and to change the ridiculous and useless role of women in society. Anne arrived to New England running away from the orthodox religion and looking for religious freedom. Anne organized a set of Bible studies at her home with other women. After a while the Bible studies became more than just studing what the Bible said. She started teaching her own views of interpreting what God says. She believed that
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Unformatted text preview: following the strict rules the religious learders set was not the way of entering the kingdom of Christ and gaining eternal salvation. She believe salvation was not with ones own merits but with ones faith and acceptance of Jesus in ones heart. She was a threat to the Puritan leaders because she contradicted their teachings of church and contradict the role they had established for women. The Puritan leaders feared she could created a revolution in the town and defy their authority. I believe the crime was not commited by Anne Hutchinson but by the govenor John Winthrop. Anne Hutchinson was a victim of being banished from the Massachutes Bay accused of heresy, when she only fought for the religious freedom we all deserve. Page 45-46...
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