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election - member passed a decree opposing the Exice tax...

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Armando Gomez-Farias @01156514 The Philadelphia Congressional Election of 1794 The candidate John Swanwick resulted victorious in the congressional election of 1794 against Thomas Fitzsimons. There are many factors that contribute in the results of a congressional election. Wheeler and Becker summarize the contributing factors in four main categories: how a candidate projects himself, the stand the candidate takes in the current nation’s issues, the campaign and public appearances the candidate makes, and the voters’ way of reacting towards each candidate. Although there are numerous reasons Swanwick won the election, I believe that the stand he took in the Exice Tax, the fact that he was never admitted to Philadelphia’s social elite circles, and his Protestant religion were the main reason he won the election. The Democratic Society of Pennsylvania, in which John Swanwick was a
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Unformatted text preview: member, passed a decree opposing the Exice tax. This gained peoples favor because people were tired of paying so many taxes. The fact that Swanwick was never admitted to Philadelphia’s social elite circles has a major effect on the voters mind. Voters could see him as a more accessible person and a person more in touch with their reality and their own problems. People like to be represented by someone that they can identify with, and Swanwick was closer to them than Fitzsimons. The last reason I believe was of mayor importance was that Swanwick was Protestant. Most of the voters were Protestants as well, either Lutherans or Quakers. Religion is a very important issue for most people. And Protestants would feel more comfortable with someone with their same believes and values to represent them....
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