final-review - FINAL EXAM REVIEW Chapter 26 Policy of...

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Unformatted text preview: FINAL EXAM REVIEW Chapter 26 Policy of containment .- Containing the spread of Communsim.dont go to war. George Kennan 1947; did not believe in the need to go to war with communist countries; simply contain.containment Also remember the first instance when the Containment policy was implemented, that is when the U.S sent military and economic missions and $400 million in aid to Greece and Turkey Marshall Plan.- 1948; US.congress wants to help with European Recovery..Money and resources sent to other restore economies.but US insisted these counties participate in capitalism also while the Congress debated the Marshall Plan, the Soviets took over Czechoslovakia. NATO.- An alliance that agrees that countries will watch out for one another and help out with conflicts before war erupts.primarily western European countries The Warsaw Pact.- The pact was a Soviet initiative aimed at countering NATO. East Germany, Hungary, Albania, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, and the Soviet Union were the founding members. American response to the fall of the Nationalist government of China .- The United States refused to recognize the Peoples Republic of China, blocked its admission to the UN, and supported the Nationalist government in Taiwan. NSC-68.- A document that warned that the survival of the nation required a massive military buildup and the tripling of the budget. Korean War is what brought all these recommendations into actual play. Also it argued that the Cold War was a global clash between freedom spread by the U.S. and slavery promoted by the U.S.S.R. so in order to combat communism worldwide, a permanent military build-up was required. Second red scare.- In the 1940s and 1950s, federal employees investigated, some Americans were blacklisted, and homosexuals harassed. The significance of the Korean War.- First demonstration that the U.S. would use large scale military force to contain communism. Set a precasedent for president to go to war without congressional authorization. The U.S. and U.S.S.R. could engage in hot spots battles without it escalating to total war. Hydrogen bomb.- 1950s US create the Hydrogen bomb, and are now ahead of the Soviets in relation to military weapons. It was created in response to the Soviets detonating an atomic bomb....
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final-review - FINAL EXAM REVIEW Chapter 26 Policy of...

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