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Hector Torres U.S History 1053.014 TR 2:00p.m -3:15 p.m “The Soviet Red Menace and the American Red Scare” 11/5/2009 Soviets wanted to established safety zone. Communism vs Capitalism. United Nations- U.S. had most powerful Navy and Air Force. American Leaders to promote democracy. Allies agreed to the U.N. 1944. A general assembly. A security council for securing world peace. China, GB, China, Soviet Union, France and the United States. Rep. from 51 nations to adopt U.N. charter. Outlawed force to settle international disputes. Spheres of Influence- Peace was not influenced. GB, US and Russia remained uneasy. They were all jacking for position after the war. Stalin was determined to prevent rebuilding of German Army and wanted a security zone of communist countries. U.S. and GB recognize, with free elections to be held there ASAP. Stalin allowed elections, so long as the elected will conceive to the Soviets for policy matters. Stalin invalidated elections of 1945 in Hungary. Stalin used his army so governments remained loyal to USSR. Truman wanted U.S to show strength to Soviets so they will not be encouraged to expand communism worldwide. American sphere of influence was Latin America. A. Kennen Telegram (1946)- Drawing from years of observation and experience, he argues Soviets were expansionists and were willing to use force. This was crucial for the containment policy. B. The Truman Doctrine (1947)- For communist expansion. This aroused after communist insurgents tried to cripple corrupt but pro western government. Greece to be helped and make turkey deny communism. $300 for Greece and $100 for Turkey. Escalation of the cold war to prevent communism from spreading. C. Marshall Plan (1948) – Economic support for Europe. Europe was unstable and was a threat to the US. Starving and needed people might go for a certain ideology. Marshall invited participation of countries for recovery. “Containment Measure”. MP gave the idea that hunger= communist in Europe. Republicans did not like the program. WELFARE FOR ALL. Most successful foreign plan in US Europe with 13 Billion Dollars that allowed Western Europe to rebuild itself. D. Nato (1949)- Dean Acheson as secretary of state after Truman became president. He liked a military alliance. NATO pact pledges U.S. to other western countries. Soviets make the Warsaw pact with Eastern Europe. NATO was first time that U.S. entered an alliance since 1794. The U.S. will remain a military alert nation. Twin Shocks of 1949- Soviets develops its own atomic bomb, ending American monopoly over the weapon. U.S to be ahead of Soviets so they developed the Hydrogen Bomb. The Hydrogen Bomb used fusion and was 1,000 more powerful than the Atomic Bomb. Loss of “China”.
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Hector Torres U.S History 1053.014 TR 2:00p.m -3:15 p.m Communists emerge victorious in the Chinese Civil War. Democrats responsible to recognize Communist China. NSC68- Global impediment to Communism. Covert Action, endorse the use
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History4Notes - HectorTorres U.SHistory1053.014...

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