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jornal2 - Armando [email protected] Journal 3 How would...

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Armando Gomez-Farias @01156514 Journal 3 How would I fix the economy? These past two years have been catastrophic for the economy in a global scale. For reasons I do not fully understand the stock market fall drastically and economist have found it hard to bring it back up. Although this crisis seems to be recent, I have live in an economic crisis all my life. Since I can remember, my family and I have always been moving from house to house because we were not able to pay the rent anymore. I recall hearing my parents constantly fighting because they could find a way to pay the bills. Ironically, when my family finally decided to move from Mexico City to the United States to come out of the terrible economic situation, we arrived to a country that had an economic crisis. I have learned that the only way of pulling through is working hard and getting the best possible education. Last year I read a book called “The Post-American World”. It was a book about the world after America stopped being the world’s first power nation. It talked about
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