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Armando Gomez-Farias @01156514 Journal “What I have learned in UTSA” Entering college has been a great experience for me so far. UTSA has showed me a world I did not know; a world with cultural diversity, goals, and self-improvement challenges. I had many expectations of UTSA before I entered my first semester. I expected UTSA to be very challenging and scary. Although the first days at UTSA was a bit scary, now I can see its true nature. College offers many open doors full of opportunities of success and happiness, it is up to you to have a positive attitude and open those doors. In these past three months I have learned to be more responsible. Through all my education there was always teachers encouraging me to work hard, teacher that cared whether I succeed in school or not. Now in college I have learned that teachers are not baby-sitting anymore. It is my own responsibility to study and to turn in my homework. It
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Unformatted text preview: is not that the professor do not care if I succeed or not; it is because the professors understand that the only way of me being able to succeed is to let me acquire responsibility. It may be hard at some points, but it is worth it. UTSA has also taught me to be more open-minded. During all of my elementary and middle school, I went to a really small school in Mexico City. My class contained only about fifty students. My high school was a bit bigger, it was a 300-student class, but everyone was either Anglo-Saxon or Hispanic. When I entered UTSA I started meeting people from all around the world. Now I know people from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. I am fascinated learning all the diversity in cultures and traditions, which I did not know before. Coming to UTSA is to learn new things everyday....
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