Jornalhot - bridge needs to resist wind earthquakes and time Bridges have to be flexible and light but at the same time they have to be strong

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Armando Gomez-Farias @01156514 Journal 3 What is the hottest topic in your field? I believe the hottest topic in my field, which is Civil Engineering, is challenging nature. Civil Engineers have to overcome the obstacles nature puts against construction. Whether your building roads, buildings, bridges, or damps, nature always will try to get in our way. When you are building roads, you may need to evade mountains, deserts, and climate. If the road your building is in a mountainous region you will need to either go around it, over it, or underneath it. A desert’s heat may blow up a car’s tire. You will need to find a material which will not heat up and that will last those extreme temperatures. Bridges are also constantly being challenged by nature. Just creating the bridge challenges nature with gravity and distance. You need to build a structure that can join to separate pieces of land without any support in the middle part. Not only you have to worry about building a bridge that wont fall, but a bridge that will last. A
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Unformatted text preview: bridge needs to resist wind, earthquakes, and time. Bridges have to be flexible and light, but at the same time they have to be strong enough to support the weight of cars and trucks. Buildings are challenged by nature with earthquakes and wind as well. One may think to make a building last you just need to make it very strong and rigid, but that is not true. If you make a building too rigid, whenever a earthquake comes the building will collapse. A building must be able to bend when the earthquake is shaking the building. All of these challenges make engineers use creativity, intelligence, and technology. I believe these challenges are the hottest topic in civil engineering because it is where engineers can prove their amazing minds. But the most beautiful part of engineering is not only overcoming nature’s challenges, but overcoming them in harmony with nature. It’s making buildings fit in the nature’s picture....
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