03 - experimental results with the theoretical ones and...

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Experiment # 02 “Electric Fields” Armando Gomez-Farias Eric Chapa Zuhair Alnidham Theodore Duano 02 / 03 / 2011 PHY 1931.002 (TR 12:30)
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Introduction: Today’s laboratory experiment consisted in studying the electric field of a two  point charge configuration and a two line charge configuration. In order two see the  electric configurations we used a voltsensor to determine the equipotential lines, these  are lines where the voltage is the same. Having these equipotential lines we were able  to draw the electric field lines by making them always perpendicular to the equipotential  lines. Our analysis consisted in calculating the change in voltage and the change in  distance, and with this the strength of the electric field. After doing so, we compared our 
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Unformatted text preview: experimental results with the theoretical ones and analysis the differences and similarities. Analysis is in following pages. Conclusion: In this experiment I learned how equipotential lines and electric field lines are related to each other. I also learned the generic trends of an electric field configuration for two point charges and two line charges. I also realized that some experimental limitations and error can occur and must be taken into consideration. Overall I was able to understand electric field directions and magnitudes, and equipotential lines shapes and their magnitude....
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03 - experimental results with the theoretical ones and...

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