04 - resistance. Analysis is in following pages....

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Experiment # 04 “Ohm’s Law” Armando Gomez-Farias Eric Chapa Zuhair Alnidham Theodore Duano 02 / 10 / 2011 PHY 1931.002 (TR 12:30)
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Introduction: Today’s laboratory experiment consisted in studying simple circuits and  Ohm’s Law. The experiment consisted in creating a simple circuit by connecting in a  circuit the volt source and a resister using jump wires. And to be able to record the  current and change in voltage, we also connected a current and voltage sensor.  Having a constant value for the resistor, we created an “ohmic” circuit and were  able to find the value of the resistor using the relationship between current, voltage, and 
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Unformatted text preview: resistance. Analysis is in following pages. Conclusion: In this experiment I learned how to create a simple circuit and what are the basic elements a circuit needs. I was able to understand the relationship that current, voltage, and resistance have in common, focusing when we have a constant value of resistance, or an ohmic circuit. I also learned how to use the slope of a graph to calculate a value that is equal to a ratio of the measurements being graphed....
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04 - resistance. Analysis is in following pages....

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