17 - distance versus the object distance Analysis is in...

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Experiment # 17 “Thin Lenses” Armando Gomez-Farias Eric Chapa Zuhair Alnidham Theodore Duano 04 / 07 / 2011 PHY 1931.002 (TR 12:30)
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Introduction: Today’s laboratory experiment consisted in learning the relationship  between thin lenses, light, and images formed. To understand this concepts we  carried out an experiment in which we found experimentally and theoretically the  values of the focal length and magnification of a single lens. Then we used a two  lens system and found the focal length and magnification of the intermediate  image and of the final image. In this part of the laboratory we were able to study  the characteristics of a image, which can be real or virtual, enlarge or reduce,  and upright or inverted. Finally we studied the relationship between the image 
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Unformatted text preview: distance versus the object distance/ Analysis is in following pages. Conclusion: In this experiment I learned the terminology used to describe different aspects of thin lenses like focal length (f), image distance (q), object distance (p), etc. I also learned the different types in which an image may be formed, how the size of the image may change, and how the orientation of the object may change as well. I was able to experimentally measure these values and look and the different properties the image possessed, and then compare and prove the theoretically method to calculate those same values...
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17 - distance versus the object distance Analysis is in...

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