18 - we used different sizes of slits or objects to...

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Experiment # 18 “Diffraction” Armando Gomez-Farias Eric Chapa Zuhair Alnidham Theodore Duano 04 / 14 / 2011 PHY 1931.002 (TR 12:30)
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Introduction: Today’s laboratory experiment consisted in learning principle of  diffraction. Diffraction is the property light has of bending as it goes through a very small  slit or across a very small object. In diffraction some of the light particles “bend” their  path of travel and arrive at different spots, leaving bright spots and dark spots. This  pattern of bright and dark spots occurs due to the constructive and destructive  interference respectively. Using geometry and the property of waves having a fixed  period and wavelength, a formula relating the distance between the slit and the  projection of light, the size of the slit, and the wavelength of the light. In this experiment 
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Unformatted text preview: we used different sizes of slits or objects to calculate the three different parameters derived in the formula. Analysis is in following pages. Conclusion: With the experiments made in this lab we were able to prove the veracity of the formula derived in the experiment manual. This consequently helped us understand the concept of diffraction and to prove that light actually bends as it moves though a small opening, in spite our intuition telling us light must always travel in a straight path. In this experiment we used one of many applications diffraction may have. We used diffraction to calculate the width of a human hair, something that may be impossible to measure with different means....
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18 - we used different sizes of slits or objects to...

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