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PRESENTATION GRADING CRITERIA IE/MECH 4466 Senior Project 12 INTRODUCTION 20 VISUAL AIDS 2 Creates appropriate pace 5 Clear, professional, easy to read (min 24 point font) 2 Hooks listener’s attention 5 Avoid information overload 2 Relates subject to listeners 5 Clearly support related ideas 2 Presents clear central idea 5 Are enough 2 States objective(s) 2 Has agenda sheet 25 TECHNICAL 12 BODY 5 Demonstrates Technical Accuracy 2 Supports central idea 5 Demonstrates Subject Matter Expertise 2 Maintains audience interest 5 Demonstrates Completeness 2 Organizes details effectively 5 Provides Rationale 2 Allocates time carefully 5 Provides Analysis 2 Provides clear transitions 2 Contains timelines and Project Status 14 SOUND 5 PROGRESS 2 Clear volume and pronunciation The student did not repeat individual/other team
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Unformatted text preview: member’s mistakes identified in the Self-Critique and previous Grading Criteria 2 Pace, repetition, stuttering, poise 2 Absence of fillers – i.e. , uh-huh, y’know, umgh, aagh, yea, okay, now, like, allright, etc. 2 Adequate enthusiasm 2 Standard grammar and usage, spelling 2 Good question response 2 Does not read from screen or notes 8 APPEARANCE 4 ATTENTION TO TIME LIMITS 2 Appropriate gestures, postures and mannerisms-5 Too short 2 Effective use of pointer 4 Just right 2 Consistent eye contact with audience-7 Too long 2 Competent handling of notes and visuals Assignment: Proposal Presentation Update Final Presentation Presenter(s): Date: Grade: Comments:...
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