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Proposal Presentation Template Title Page (include your name and other team members) Project Goal and Objectives Tell audience the “so-what” of project in non-technical terms Relate subject to technical listeners that may not be in your area of expertise Present a clear central idea of the project Hook listener’s attention List the principal objectives of the project in general Agenda Bulleted list of topics Each proceeding slide title must match corresponding Agenda bullet Don’t just read – tell us what the objectives of this update are through the Agenda items Must have the following in the order specified: Introduction/Background (current problem or deficiency, rationale – must describe what
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Unformatted text preview: is in the literature that pertains to this problem either directly or saliently) • Proposal Statement (brief, general statement as to what you will do – what, in general – must clearly state project requirements and constraints) • Description of Work Product (what, specifically – expansion of proposal statement – must clearly state project deliverables) • Benefits/Feasibility (why? Is effort + cost worth it?) • Method or Approach (how?) • Schedule/Timelines (when and who?) • Costs (how much? who is paying?) • Conclusion/discussion (SELL!!!!) • Questions...
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