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Unformatted text preview: 1. Complete the review questions: a. T r ue : Fiber-optic cable is the most expensive t ransmission medium. b. T r ue : Coaxial cable has a high resistance to noise. c. A(n) R epeater is used to reduce the effects of attenuation for a digital t ransmission signal. d. A(n) N on Broadcast point-to-multipoint t ransmission issues signals to mult iple, defined recipients. e. F alse: B roadband technology encodes information as digital pulses. 2. For the client situation described in Discussion Topic 1, use M icrosoft Visio 2007 ( installed in Unit 1) to generate a diagram for a proposed network topology. W rite a 1-2 page proposal for the Corporation explaining why that design would best meet their needs. Silfinate Corporation is expanding from a single physical location to three physical locations distributed across the county to better serve the needs of their customers. Each of the new locations will have fif teen employees assigned there, and the headquarters w ill stay at the central location with twenty-five employees assigned there. In addition, t here are ten employees who may work from any of the locations depending on needs d uring the week. Each employee will need to be assigned a cubicle with a computer in t he main office area of the location or locations where they work. All employees also need to be able to access their work materials from any of the four computers in the customers relations area at each location and to be able to utilize the print/fax room at each location. Propose a network design to support the needs of Silfinate Company following this move. Provide your colleagues with feedback on their designs. ...
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