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8944 - or a man with big fortune(group 9-10 7 Will you give...

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Questions for Discussion: “The Chaser” 1. Do you believe in “pure friendship” between a man and a woman? (group 1-2) 2. How often and how long would you like to be together with your lover per week? Why? (group 3-4) 3. Do you think a woman should have her own social circle beside the family? Why? 4. Will you accept the idea of your lover having good friends of opposite sex beside you? Why? (group 5-6) 5. Do you think one should or could change oneself for love? Why or why not? (group 7-8) 6. Which man, in your opinion, is easier to get love? A man with handsome looking
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Unformatted text preview: or a man with big fortune? (group 9-10) 7. Will you give up or try every possible way in winning his/her love if you adore someone who, unfortunately, doesn’t love you? (group 11-12) 8. Do you believe in the saying that a couple often get together under misapprehension and separate after knowing each other better. (group 13) 9. What will you do if your lover wants to break up with you? And vise versa? (group 14)...
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