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Questions for Discussion: “The Tell-Tale Heart”) 1. 2. 3. What do we know about the old man? What motivates the narrator to kill him? Is the cause 4. 5. In spite of all his precautions, the narrator does not commit the perfect crime. What trips him up?
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Unformatted text preview: (group 9 & 10) 6. How do you account for the police officers’ chatting calmly with the murderer instead of reacting to the sound that stirs the murderer into frenzy? (group 11 & 12) 7. Give one film or TV series or literary work that portrays a similar figure. (group 13 & 14) 8. What do you think is the sound that causes the narrator’s breakdown? (group 15 & 16) 9. From what point of view is Poe’s story told? Why is the point of view particularly effective for “The Tell-Tale Heart.” (group 17 & 18)...
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