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9050 - “A& P” by John Updike Plot Plot Definition...

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Unformatted text preview: “A & P” by John Updike Plot Plot Definition: Definition: the particular arrangement of actions, events, and situations that unfold in a narrative. and Plot: Related Ideas I Plot: Exposition: beginning Complication: a new conflict Suspense: the pleasurable anxiety we feel that heightens our attention to the story, inheres in our wondering how it will inheres all turn out. Foreshadowing: indication of events to come Foreshadowing: Plot: Related Ideas II Plot: Flashback (retrospect): a scene relived in a Flashback character’s memory character’s Crisis: a moment of high tension Climax: the moment of greatest tension at which the outcome is to be decided which Conclusion (resolution; dénounement): nounement): the outcome; the untying of the knots the Initiation Theme Initiation ---The protagonist grows towards or is initiated into adulthood. ---When the protagonist learns certain lessons or realizes certain truths about life A Question to Explore Question How do you think of Sammy’s acts? Is it How reckless, stupid, or heroic? reckless, Major Elements Major The humorous tone The dull workplace vs. juvenile sexual fantasy Adolescent group identification: heroism Adolescent The cruel reality: initiation Group Identification: Adolescence Juvenile sexual curiosity/fantasy (the influence Juvenile of hormones) of Juvenile delinquency: Juvenile ---defying the adult world the old, prudish ---defying manager Lengel represents manager T hank You ...
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