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Unformatted text preview: “A Rose for Emily” Setting Setting Time:? Place:? Setting Setting Time:1870s (after the civil war) the great social transformation abolition; abolition; industrialization (cotton gin; garage; industrialization railway) railway) Place: the South (cultural clash with the Yankees) The Order of Narration The The jump of time sequence The the death (6) the (6) Colonel Satoris’s generation (first flashback) (4) Colonel (4) the new generation (5) the (5) the smell (30 years ago) (3) the (3) (second flashback) (second the death of her father (further flashback) (1) the (1) the affair with Homer (back to 30 years ago) (2) the (2) the funeral (7) the (7) Characterization Characterization A token (monument) of a past age (cf. T f ) token P Maladjustment: refusal to accept changes Anachronism: failure to progress with time Nostalgia: sticking to the glorious or good old Nostalgia: days days Repression & liberation Nostalgia Nostalgia ˜ à rn “ ¶· ª * * ã <http://yukrlee.blogspot.com/2008/05/blogpost_2091.html> ú º à –F F З R . Pf ª’ à– ¿ The Author’s Ambivalent Feelings The Nostalgic: generation gaps Sympathetic: “A Rose for Emily” and the Sympathetic: Rose loyal negro loyal Faulkner as a region writer T hank You ...
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