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Questions for Discussion: “A Rose for Emily” 1. How do you like “ ” (or rap music: ex. “ )? How do you think will your (grand)parents like him/it? How about the case of “ (ex. “. ? How would your parents react to their young son’s wearing ear rings and dying his hair red? (group 1) 2. How do you like women wearing “. ” ? What would be your response if you see a lady wearing it on the street? What would be your response if your mother wears it for a family gathering or wedding ceremony? (group 2) 3. How would you feel if you take a test on which questions are written in beautiful Chinese calligraphy? (group 3) 4. Do you agree with the idea of “marrying someone from the same social class.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. How does the background of Emily Grierson differ from that of Homer Barron? (group 6 & 7) 6. Give some textual evidences from the story that society has changed greatly. (group 8 & 9) 7. Give some evidences that Emily adjusts badly to new changes. (group 10 & 11) 8. Which side will you take if you were the authority concerned in Emilys tax? The old mayors or the new generations way? Why? (group 12 & 13) 9. Whats your feeling toward Emily? Sympathetic or frightened or just weird? (group 14 & 15) 10. How do you think is the authors attitude toward Emily and the social changes as well? (group 16 & 17) 11. From whose point of view is the story told? Who are the we of the narration? (group 18)...
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