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Questions for Discussion: “Two Kinds” 1. What’s the part in your parent’s character that particularly annoys you? What do you think is the cause or circumstance that makes this part? What conflict between 2. What’s the part in your parents’ character that you particularly adore? What do you think is the cause or circumstance that makes this part? In what way does this 3. What’s the negative and positive part of character that you and your parents particularly share? Does it benefit or harm your parent-kid relationship? Do you think is it possible to get rid of the negative part in you? Is it possible that you can 4. What is the thing that your parents require you to do but that you hate very much? Have you ever tried to rebel against it? What’s the result? Do you think you are
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Unformatted text preview: right or your parents are right? (group 14 & 15) 5. Did you ever fail your parents’ expectation of you? What was their response? What’s your parents’ biggest expectation of you at the present? In your estimation, will you be able to fulfill it? (group 7 &16) 6. Will you force your child to learn some talent skill? What’s the purpose? What will be your response if they rebel? (group 17) 7. Have you ever done something that you don’t like or you know is not right, but you do it on purpose to annoy your parents? Why? (group 5 & 6) 8. Try to recall your response when you had finished reading the first three paragraphs. At that point, how did the mother strike you? Now that you have read the entire story, is your view of her different? If so, in what way(s)? (group 1 & 2) 9. Does the mother-daughter conflict arise simply because of generation gap? Are there other reasons? (group 3 & 4)...
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