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9151 - “Chrysanthemums” Symbols Symbols The wire fence...

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Unformatted text preview: “Chrysanthemums” Symbols Symbols The wire fence: The ---protection; restraint (a cage?) ---protection; The chrysanthemums: ---feminine beauty, grace, emotions . . . ---feminine The fog: The The season: The Henry vs. the Pot Mender Henry romanticism possibilities dreams the mysterious and unknown unknown “His eyes were dark . . . .” His Practicality Daily routine Reality The regular vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. Farm vs. Garden Farm Public sphere vs. domestic sphere domestic Economical production vs. leisure activity Male dominance vs. female dependence vs. The intrusion of the alien The Elisa’s change from reserve and resistance to Elisa’s bewilderment and entrancement bewilderment The mender’s position from outside to inside The the garden the The change of Elisa’s outward appearance The from neutrality to femininity The pot mender’s use and abuse of love The blossom and shriveling of Eliza as a The flower flower T hank You ...
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