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Record Organization - the organization that takes place in...

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Record Organization I can differentiate similarities as well as differences between facilities of different sizes in regards to organization of patients’ files and how loose reports are handled. All facilities, no matter the size, prefer loose papers to be anchored permanently in the patients’ charts. A few followed their procedures and policies and unit decision. The majority of facilities want these reports anchored permanently in patients’ charts. Having charts that are anchored permanently makes sense to me. Papers would not be misplaced if they were placed in patients’ charts properly. Facilities, depending on size, organize patients’ chats differently. Some use form numbers for patient chart organization is determined by what the physician or facility prefers. If a doctor prefers organization by categories or report types, that is
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Unformatted text preview: the organization that takes place in that area. The same seems to be true for how loose reports are handled: the decision is made based on what the facility or doctor prefers. Of course just because one method is preferred over the other, if doesn’t necessarily mean it is most effective way in handling loose reports. I believe that all things should be changed that can better the advancement for the overall performance of the facility. Considering all of the interview threads, I saw several similarities and differences between facilities of different sizes, leading me to believe that each facility has a unique way of working that makes the job easier for their office....
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