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Unformatted text preview: 4. Where would you expect to find the best all-around land for agriculture? a. biomes 5 and 6 $7. biomes 3 and 5 c. biomes 2 and 5 (Q biomes 2 and 3 e. biomes 1 and 4 5. Which of the following would be correctly considered an adaptation? Plants are resistant to a disease that used to decimate their species. 6. A tree on the forest edge grows a long branch out into the sunlight. c. Corn plants bend upright after being blown over in an Illinois storm. d. A tree grows to enclose a strand of barbed wire rubbing against it. er Red delicious apples are far bigger and juicier than wild apples. 6. Which of the following might accelerate the transition in a plant population’s growth curve from J-shaped to S-shaped? . mass migration of many members to a new biome . evolution of a new and deadly bacterial disease 43% climate change increases hurricane frequency ®evolution of flood tolerance in the species ex sudden rise in activity of a dormant volcano. 7. Human life expectancy is now 15 years longer than it was 40 years ago. What effect does this have on human rmax? . none, unless the human reproductive span also increased b. decreases it, since more humans are now beyond reproductive age c. increases it, since there are more humans around to reproduce d. decreases it, because the probability of surviving is now greater 6. none, unless the human reproductive interval also increased 8. Charles DaMin’s development of evolutionary theory took into account the difference between J- and S-shaped population growth curves in that he (I showed how a species’ “r” is limited by density independent factors. hr realized that each species evolves its own carrying capacity. (63 recognized that populations don’t grow exponentially forever. d? saw how species go extinct if they don’t live up to their biotic potential. e. coined the term “K—strategist" after his daughter Katherine. ...
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