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Unformatted text preview: Welcome to PHSC 1001: Earth Science . The Earth that you live on is a constantly changing machine that is made up of many parts and processes. Some of these changes occur in a matter of seconds, while others take millions of years. To better appreciate this spaceship called Earth, scientists have developed a field called Earth Science to study the planet's working components, uncover past events, and predict future changes. On the journey through this course, you will discover that Earth is part of a bigger picture called the Solar System that is shared with other planets with which you may already be familiar, such as Mars. Scientists have many theories of how the Solar System was created and the planets formed. You may have heard of the Big Bang Theory, but that is just one of many possible explanations. After a quick trip through the Solar System, you land back on Earth and take a quick ride on pieces of the Earth that are in constant motion, called plates. Throughout time, these plates (pieces of land) haave moved and are now are in constant motion, called plates....
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