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Week 3 discussion questions - 1 Week 3 discussion...

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1 Week 3 discussion questions: 1. What are the nearest mountains to you? Porcupine Mountains, located in Ontonagon , Michigan 2. How far away are they? about 560 miles away. It could take up to 11 hours for me to get there. The Porcupine Mountains , or Porkies , are a group of small mountains spanning across the northwestern Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Ontonagon and Gogebic counties, near the shore of Lake Superior . ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porcupine_Mountains ) 3. What are the general characteristics of the mountains, such as elevation, length, shape? The block of primary (uncut) forest of approximately 35,000 acres in size is considered by the Michigan Natural Features Inventory to be the “biggest and best tract of virgin Northern Hardwoods in North America” and it is certainly one of the largest relatively undisturbed northern hemlock-hardwood forests west of the Adirondacks. The Porcupine Mountains themselves arise abruptly from Lake Superior to form a 12 mile long escarpment which parallels the lakeshore for a distance of 1.5 miles. At 2 billion years old, the mountains are a section of one of the oldest mountain chains in the world. On the landward side of the escarpment is Lake of the Clouds, which is one of the spectacular views to be found from high peaks in the area. Department of Natural Resources DNR
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Week 3 discussion questions - 1 Week 3 discussion...

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