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Adeseye_D_DQ3 The nearest Mountain to where I live is the Taylor Hill Summit. Taylor Hill is a mountain summit located in Crawford County, MI. This Mountain climbs to 1,440 feet (438.91 meters) above sea level. The region of Michigan that I live in has no Mountains, its mostly flat land, no rocky plains or hills. As you drive further up to the Northern Michigan area nearest to the Great Lakes regions there you will find the mountain plains and rocky areas. The climate along the Northern Great Lakes region is much colder compared to where I live in Oak Park, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is one of the cloudiest regions I have heard in the United States. Nearly three- quarters of each year are cloudy, and one third of the annual precipitation falls in the form of frozen precipitation.
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Unformatted text preview: Because of this and other factors you will see more mountain areas that have very high peaks Deborah Adeseye 4 Nov 09 3:05 PM MST Hi Deborah, Have you ever been to any of the mountains here in Michigan? While I was a child, my aunt would to take us up north to Porcupine Mountains. It was beautiful, and had a wonderful view with high heights. Not all mountains look alike either. My family does a family reunion every year; we would travel to Tennessee, North Carolina, or Kentucky. I still love the drive because of the view. Nice country highways my grandfather would say. I enjoyed reading your response and look forward to more in the future. Lisa Phillips...
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