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Phillips_L_w2_EvolutionoftheUniverse (2) - The Evolution of...

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The Evolution of the Universe 1 The Evolution of the Universe Lisa Phillips Earth Science PHSC 1001-1 Dr. Gabriel Clay Walden University October 30, 2009 Good job Lisa Well written Good introductory paragraph. Fair description of the Big Bang Theory. Good description of the Nebular Hypothesis. Very good discussion of how the two theories compliment contradict one another. A more detailed discussion of the scientific evidence supporting the Big Bang Theory would be better. Good explanation of how the Nebular Hypothesis is consistent with good science. Concluding paragraph provides a good summary of the body of the text. Good use of sources. Overall well done!
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The Evolution of the Universe 2 The evolution of the universe is a controversial argument that will go on for years. No matter what the answers are, the questions never change. How was the universe created, and how did we get here? There are many different theories to suggest different answers to these questions. Some theories are of scientific explanations while others come from a religious point of view. Two scientific explanations to the creation of the universe are the Big Bang Theory and the Nebular Hypothesis. There is a connection between the two. The nebular hypothesis relates to the creation of the solar system, and we assume that the universe already exists thanks to the Big Bang. What existed prior to this is completely unknown and is a matter of pure speculation. To be clear religiously inspired ideas about the origins of the Universe are not ‘Theories’
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Phillips_L_w2_EvolutionoftheUniverse (2) - The Evolution of...

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