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Discussion Week 5 Post - Discussion Week 5 Post Wednesday...

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Discussion Week 5 Post Wednesday, November 18, 2009 Hurricanes are More Destructive Tornadoes and Hurricanes might share some similar characteristics but in the end, one is more destructive then the other. A similarity between tornadoes and hurricanes is that they both usually occur in seasons. Tornadoes can form all year round, but most generally, they occur during tornado season from March through May. In the northern states, however they occur during the summer months. The Atlantic Ocean hurricane season occurs from June through November. However, the frequency between both Tornadoes and Hurricanes are very different. Hurricanes typically occur about 40 to 50 times worldwide each year. On the other hand, the reports of tornadoes can reach as high as 400 a year. In the rate of frequency, it seems like Tornadoes beat Hurricanes. The biggest tornado outbreak in the last century was the “Super Outbreak” in April 1974. One hundred forty three tornadoes sightings reported in 13 different states. The damage cost was over 600 million dollars (Call, 2003).
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