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Weather Conditions around Southeast Michigan 1 Weather Conditions around Southeast Michigan Lisa Phillips Earth Science PHSC 1001-1 Dr. Gabriel Clay Walden University November 20 th 2009 Forecast Information Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Humidity 70% 63% 82% 93% 78% Air pressure 30.24 30.22 30.15 Good 30.1 Precipitation 0 0 0.9 0.1 0 Cloud formations Mostly Cloudy Scattered Clouds Cloudy Cloudy Mostly Cloudy Frontal systems Cold Front stationary front stationary front stationary front stationary front Wind 13 mph 16.8 mph 13 mph 15 mph 12 mph
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Weather Conditions around Southeast Michigan 2 There is an old saying, if you do not like Michigan’s weather wait for five minutes it will change. This year November is at least ten degrees higher than a typical November. Hunting season has rolled around and the hunters are still waiting for their snow. The Stationary front seems to be responsible for the warm temperatures this month. The rotation of the Earth causes the wind that would normally flow directly from one air mass to another to, instead, flow between the air masses (Stationary Front). This helps maintain the stationary front, allowing neither masses to control the other. Over the last five days, the weather stayed relatively mild but the same. Being between a warm and cold front, the temperature threw the week showed small increases and decreases, not really changing too much from day to day. The wind speed stayed relatively the same threw out
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Phillips_L_w5_WeatherForecast - Weather Conditions around...

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