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WEEK 5 Discussion Research - Week 5 Discussion Research 1...

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Week 5 Discussion Research 1 WEEK 5 Discussion Research: 1. Which one--tornadoes or hurricanes--do you believe is more destructive? From Text: TORNADOES Pg. 435 Tornadoes are narrow, funnel-shaped spirals of rapidly converging and rotating air that form in association with thunderstorms. Like hurricanes and mid-latitude cyclones, tornadoes are near – circular low – pressure systems that rotate in a counterclockwise direction in the northern hemisphere. The pressure gradient (change in pressure over distance) is much more intense for tornadoes. Hurricanes may experience pressure gradients of more than 100 mbar over similar distance (0.2 mbar/km), but the same large pressure differences in tornadoes occur over distances measured in only hundreds of meters. THE FUJITA INTENSITY SCALE: Scientists studying tornadoes had a problem. The Fujita intensity scale places tornadoes in one of six categories according to the level of destruction they cause. However, on the basis of intensity of damage, it is difficult to rank winds that touchdown in sparsely populated areas where few structures exist to sustain damage. While the winds inside the funnel of a tornado move at very high speeds, the funnel itself moves much more slowly. TORNADO DEVELOPMENT: Identify the conditions under which tornadoes occur, and this has led to a hypothesis that breaks down tornado formation into three stages: EARLY STAGE: friction slows winds at the ground surface, resulting in higher wind velocity moving upward from the surface. UPDRAFT STAGE: updrafts below a thunderstorm draw the spiraling horizontal winds upward to form a small cyclone, known as a mesocyclone, within the larger storm cloud. TORNADO STAGE: rotation within the mesocyclone forms smaller, more intense spiraling winds within a newly
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WEEK 5 Discussion Research - Week 5 Discussion Research 1...

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