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The Truth Behind the Holocaust 1 The Truth behind the Holocaust PHIL-1001-4 Introduction to Philosophy Professor: Murray Skees Walden University Lisa Phillips February 11 th , 2010
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The Truth Behind the Holocaust 2 Historical events are marked with facts and proofs so we know that they are true. One big historical event that will never be forgotten was the Holocaust (“genocide of Jews during World War II” (Criticism of Holocaust denial, 2010)). There are so many survival stories that make this event such a sad one. However, there are plenty of people who believe that the Holocaust did not happen or it was not as extreme as it was described. Despite all the statements of falsehood, I cannot overlook the tragedy of this event. “In other words, it is the interpretation of the facts that matters not the facts themselves.” (Solomon & Higgins, 2010) There are two kinds of truths, and this event falls under necessary truth. We have some proof of what happened, on the other hand, we do not know what really goes on behind the closed doors. We base our belief in this event on the experience of others who live through the
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