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The Social Contract 1 The Social Contract PHIL-1001-4 Introduction to Philosophy Professor: Murray Skees Walden University Lisa Phillips February 19 th , 2010
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The Social Contract 2 The social contract is an agreement between the people and their ruler or the people and the community in which they live in. “The original inspiration for the notion may derive from the biblical covenant between God and Abraham, but it is most closely associated with the writings of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean Jacques Rousseau. (Social Contract, 2010) Along with the social contract connection, each of these philosophers have a certain way a citizen should act. Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher whose vision of the world is original and still relevant to contemporary politics. “Hobbes argued that the absolute power of the sovereign is justified by a hypothetical social contract in which the people agree to obey him in all matters in return for a guarantee of peace and security, which they lack in the warlike "state of nature" posited to exist before the contract is made.” (Social Contract, 2010) Thomas Hobbes also states that, “Our attention will not be on the question of social and political order, rather on how to maximize liberty, how to define social justice, how to draw the limits of government power, and how to realize democratic ideals” (Williams, 2006). Simply having power, for Rousseau is not sufficient for that power to be morally
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Phillips_L_w5_Social_Contract - The Social Contract 1 The...

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