Chapter 1 – Philosophical Questions

Chapter 1 – Philosophical Questions -...

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Chapter 1 – Philosophical Questions 1 Opening Questions and My Answers PG 29 1. Is there anything you would willingly die for? Why? My children are something I could not live without. I love them with all my heart and would die for them in a moment. Given birth was the best time of my life, and dyeing would be easy for them. I would also die for my husband, because he would do the same for me. Love and devotion is what motivates these feelings toward them. 2. If you had only a few minutes to live, what would you do with them? What if you only had a few days? Twenty years? With just a few minutes to live, I would take what time I could and be with my family, trying to memorize their faces. With a few days to live, I would love to spend them with my family as well. With the extra time, I would travel with them to some place amazing so that our time together would be memorable. With twenty more years I would want to accomplish my personal and career goals, growing older with my husband while we watch our children grow up. Take extra time to tell them I love them, and appreciate the things around me more. 3. A famous philosopher once said that human life is no more significant than the life of a cow or an insect.
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Chapter 1 – Philosophical Questions -...

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