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Discussion Week One 1 Post by Day 3 a response in which you list some of the "What is your Philosophy?" survey statements that you found most difficult to respond to and describe why. Identify the branches of philosophy these statements relate to and explain how they are connected to your personal goals for this course. I found four questions that were hard to answer. Two of these questions were hard because I do not have enough knowledge to answer them. These questions relate to a metaphysics branch of philosophy. “Metaphysics involves the study of the most general or ultimate characteristics of reality or existence.” (Chaffee, 2009) I would like to explore this branch of philosophy to see if I could find an answer to these questions. The other two questions were more on a personal level. Mixed with my own personal beliefs I found myself not
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Unformatted text preview: willing to answer these questions. I would like to know why I am so reluctant to answer these questions. These questions relate to the ethical branch of philosophy. “Ethics involves the study of moral values and principles.” (Chaffee, 2009) Ethics is a branch of philosophy I would like to investigate more. Another big factor when answering these questions was I did not want to answer them wrong. Although we are not citing our answers there is still that feeling of being wrong. My goal for this course is to open my mind up to the possibilities of others. Knowledge is something that I treasure and I believe that this class is another gold coin. References Chaffee, J. (2009). The Philosopher's Way A Text With Readings (Second Edition ed.). USA: Pearson Prentice Hall....
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