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week two discussion questions - Week 2 Discussion 1...

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Week 2 Discussion 1 Questions: 1. Discuss whether or not you believe the moral choices/experiences of women and men are different in ways that would affect their interpretation (an explanation or establishment of the meaning or significance of something) and evaluation (the act of considering or examining something in order to judge its value, quality, importance, extent, or condition) of choices/decisions/actions? I believe that everyone has different moral experience that causes him or her to interpretative his or her choices differently. I do not believe how ever that a man or woman are different because of the moral choices they have made, but because of their lives and the way that they live them. Not all men are the same, their experience in life, is what makes them unique. Although we would like to believe that all women/men would make the same decision as the next, but that is just not true. 2. Does gender analysis of choices/decisions/actions affect the creation of a consistent moral theory in society? Why or why not? Please explain and use examples to support your stance. I also believe that gender analysis of choices and actions affect the creation of a consistent moral theory. Men and women think and can act differently. This is why a consistent moral theory cannot be created. What makes the decision process different for men and women morally or any other decision is that men are expected to succeed in their decisions, while women are expected to fail. Look at all the politicians that are getting in trouble for having extra marital affairs. For most this is a moral decision that has an easy answer; you don’t do it! I live close to Detroit and one of the counsel women was just imprisoned for taking bribes. This is another moral choice that
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week two discussion questions - Week 2 Discussion 1...

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