Chapter_14_study_guide - 8 What is ‘plate tectonics’...

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Chapter 14 study guide 1. Approximately how high would sea levels rise if the Arctic ice cap melted? If all ice on Earth melted? 2. How is the Oxygen-18 to Oxygen-16 ratio used to determine past climates? 3. What other methods are used to construct past climates? a. Dendrochronology b. Geological evidence c. Pollens d. Documents 4. How is the weather different from that of 18,000 years ago? 5. Describe the following: a. Younger-Dryas b. Maunder-Minimum c. Little Ice-Age d. Year without a summer e. Interglacials 6. What is the ‘thermohaline circulation’ and what do computer models tell us could happen to it if global warming increases? How would that happen and what would that do to climate? 7. What is a positive and negative feedback and which are the following: a. Water-vapor greenhouse feedback b. Snow-albedo feedback c. Cloud feedback d. Radiation feedback
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Unformatted text preview: 8. What is ‘plate tectonics’ and how could that alter past climates? 9. What is the ‘Milankovitch theory’ and what did it tell us about previous ice ages? 10. What other factors can influence global weather? 11. How has CO 2 levels changed starting from the industrial revolution? 12. What does a rising CO 2 level do to global temperatures? What is the mechanism? 13. How much has the Earth’s temperature increased the last 150 years? 14. What do computer models tell us about future global climate if CO 2 levels continue to increase? What other molecule is likely to increase adding to an even warmer Earth? 15. How do volcanoes affect global climate? 16. What are ‘aerosols’ and what is their impact on global climate? 17. What is the ‘Bering Land Bridge?’...
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Chapter_14_study_guide - 8 What is ‘plate tectonics’...

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