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D-181_4 - GUIDELINE FORMULARY Kao Corporation S.A Member of...

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GUIDELINE FORMULARY 1 KCE REFERENCE : D-181 Kao Corporation, S.A. Member of Kao Chemicals Europe Puig dels Tudons, 10 -E-08210 Barberà del Vallès Tel. : +34-93-7399300 e-mail : [email protected] Fax : +34-93-7399377 Web : www.kaochemicals-eu.com Concentrated HDLD (3X) DESCRIPTION Regular Heavy-duty Liquid detergent for laundry machines Concentrated product (3X) without solvents Recommended dosage: 35 mL product / wash COMPOSITION % EMAL 270D (1) 11.5 LEVENOL F-200 27.5 Coconut Fatty Acid 8.0 NaOH (50%) 3.5 approx. Citric Acid (50%) 3.5 Optional ingredients: Enzymes (Protease, amylase…) q.s. Chelating agents q.s Optical brighteners q.s Dyes / Perfume q.s Opacifier q.s Preservative q.s Deionised Water Up to 100% (1) 11.5% of EMAL 270D can be replaced by EMAL 270E or by 29.8% approx. of EMAL 227E or EMAL 228D TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Kao Method APPEARANCE (20°C): Transparent liquid KCSA-258 VISCOSITY BROOKFIELD (20°C, cPs): 200 - 300 KCSA-227 pH (as it is): 8.0 – 8.5 KCSA-014 DRY MATTER (%): 49 approx. KCSA-092
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Kao Corporation S.A.
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