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Allison Morrow It would definitely have to be learning how to play the piano. I switched from three piano teachers and the change in me from learning from all three was tremendously. My favorite, Phoebe, taught me how to use my passion in playing and has made my faith in God so much stronger. Without her, I wouldn't be who I am today. Her somewhat crazy antics and character made me scared of her at first, but as we progressed to learn each other, I began to admire her so much more. She taught me what real music is, an expression of the soul. She has truly changed my life and I have learned so much from her. (Discussion Post) Discussion Post Notes 1. My first lessons were rather terrifying. I wasn't used to her jumpiness and way of teaching. It was unnerving for me even though I was much older than when I first started. She gave me a strict pronunciation lesson the first day on how to pronounce Fur Elise. That's what eventually got me started into taking both voice and piano. Every week I would experience something new. She would tell me all
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