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Specific events While in Geometry, a class that was crammed full in order to not have to pay another teacher, I was constantly picked on. It eventually escalated into a rather “Mean Girls” setting. As I was quietly minding my own business, some of the girls thought it would be a good idea to start asking questions about my boyfriend and, instead of frankly telling them to “mind their own business”, I continued working and ignoring them. Amber, a cheerleader and not a very pleasant girl, piped up and announced to the class that I had been “screwing” my boyfriend. I immediately felt tears cascade down my face. I had never been interested in sex before marriage. I wanted a deeper connection of relationships instead of just the physical side. This attack was perhaps the worst that could happen to me. The class, of course, burst into laughter and the teacher claimed to hear nothing. My parents flew off into a rage when they heard, because I did not tell them. I was rather ashamed at myself for crying. The very next morning I was in the
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