Paper 5 Criteria Match Documents - complete trust and also...

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Allison Morrow 101-3AA December 8, 2009 Criteria Match Documents Criteria Match Documents 1. Facebook is a social networking site for people who are interested in growing friendships and the possibility of meeting new friends. It is completely online and also completely impersonal. Intimate relationships can reside here, but communication about this relationship should be kept to a minimal. A danger of Facebook is the fact that it is completely permanent and it is almost impossible to get rid of information that is posted on the site. 2. An intimate relationship is a relationship between two people that is a connection that is much deeper than just a friendship. If the time is right, such as marriage, it should contain some physical aspect to the relationship. However, in order for this connection to work, it requires
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Unformatted text preview: complete trust and also time spent together in a physical sense and not in the virtual world. 3. Intimate relationships have to have privacy to survive; this involves not using Facebook to talk about relationship problems. Facebook should only be used to show they are dating and not as a primary source of communication. 4. Facebook kills relationships because it is a public place where everyone can see what is posted and everything that is posted is permanent. Even after the relationship ends, wall posts and status updates are like a tattoo on the member because they stay there which means future people who are interested in the member will see them and the relationship is ruined from the start....
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Paper 5 Criteria Match Documents - complete trust and also...

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