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Allison Morrow 101-3AA December 6, 2009 Paper #5 Facebook and Intimate Relationships Facebook is clearly a work of genius when it comes to social networking. It gives the members of this large network the ability to easily communicate with others whether they are at home or even around the world. Friends can post status updates on every little details of their lives, some that most members would rather not see or would care about. Even couples can “tag” their partners on Facebook to let the entire world know who they are dating and post comments will catch the eyes of people who stalk profiles for more information. Facebook can be a tool used for communication in a casual way, but some people take that communication too far. Even some couples use Facebook as more than just a casual form of communication. If Facebook is used for couples on a more personal level, even with the public looking on, it can put a strain on relationships and cause potential break-ups and divorces. Intimate relationships describe our connection with the one special person in our lives who understands the most and should know all about us. The relationship has to have a basis of trust to grow because partners have to learn to depend on one another. This growth takes time to form and requires face-to-face communication. Online relationships do not work unless a connection other than online is made. “I love you” messages from sweethearts can make a Facebook member’s day, but it is clear that it takes away from the personal element of hearing the partner involved. This makes communication, specifically face to face or talking on the phone is a more effective communication for humans today. Face to face or telephonic communication is much easier to make a connection with someone because it is possible to read body language and hear their tone of voice. When we can see what the person truly means
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when he or she communicates one-on-one with us, we feel confident that they are being truthful or lying. It also puts this communication on a personal level that is truly greater than what Facebook could ever accomplish. Facebook, on the other hand, is a public, impersonal form of communication that is sadly used by many couples today to publicly show their affection. Normally, couples who communicate outside of Facebook do not show an enormous amount of a public display of affection (PDA), but yet they are so willing to post pictures of themselves kissing their partner or willing to post messages over the wall that makes most Facebook members roll their eyes when they see messages like:
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Paper 5 - Allison Morrow 101-3AA December 6, 2009 Paper #5...

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