Paper 5 Paper - Allison Morrow 102-3AA Paper 5 Self Reflective Writing My Triumphs in College Writing My high school experience seemed to set me up

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Allison Morrow 102-3AA April 30, 2010 Paper 5: Self Reflective Writing. My Triumphs in College Writing My high school experience seemed to set me up for a potential disaster when I arrived at college, wherever I would go. At high school, I felt extremely lost within my own writing. Usually, papers, if any were even assigned, were given back with almost no feedback. I was incredibly unsure of if my writing would be acceptable for college level, or if I was simply an average or very poor writer. I made extremely well on the Writing Assessment testing assigned for Alabama, but I wasn’t sure if that was a good indicator. I also grew up learning that students from Red Bay High School get laughed out of college composition classes or literature classes because of the little experience or training that they had. Naturally, I was worried about how, or even if, I would survive college, especially when I considered the fact that I wanted to be an English major. My move to college level work had me extremely worried about my writing at first. I was unsure of how to do a research paper besides paraphrasing and rewording others works in order to not plagiarize them. I was unsure of how to apply critical thinking to back up my research. In reality, my writing did not express my own words, just others paraphrased. Coming from very poor school system where very little writing was ever required extremely effected how I initially felt into coming to college. I grew up as a “bookworm,” always appreciating writing but never understanding the correct way to write, especially an academic paper. I always knew that I wanted to major in English, however this could potentially be a disaster considering the only real writing experience I had during high school either was from teaching myself by writing my own speeches for competition purposes or writing research papers for a class other than English. 1
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Hardly ever receiving any attention from the English department at Red Bay High School, I was literally clueless. According to the University of Chicago Writing Program, professors generally expect students to be able to perform three major areas for writing an academic prose: make a claim that’s interesting to the reader, use evidence to back up this claim, and put careful thought into the “limits and objections” about the claim (McEnerney and Williams 2). Unfortunately, I felt much unprepared to fulfill that task. Those three areas were something I never really had experience in, but areas that I have come to learn is crucial for the academic writer. I was panicked, thinking that maybe this decision to major in a field where I had so little background would ultimately be downfall. Instead, I think writing is becoming one of my greatest strengths when it comes to college level work, as now I would much rather write papers than study for tests. I tend to do much better on essay questions than on multiple choices or any other form of questions on tests. I seem to have grown from a terrified
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Paper 5 Paper - Allison Morrow 102-3AA Paper 5 Self Reflective Writing My Triumphs in College Writing My high school experience seemed to set me up

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