College Short Writing - I was slightly had coming into...

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I was slightly had coming into college was that coming from a rural school, I would fail at college level work. My teachers constantly talked about professors being completely unwilling to help with problems or anything. I came to surprisingly find that every professor I’ve had so far has been friendly and helpful. Unlike what my high school teachers seem to think, the college professors do not want me to fail, instead they are encouraging. Instead, I find course work intriguing and interesting more than I did with my high school work. I really have enjoyed my classes and being able to express myself throughout coursework. I love the fact that I can choose classes not just because they are the only ones offered, but because they interest me. It is a huge change for me. Also, coming here, I was very afraid that I would have roommate problems. I had heard horror stories about roommates who had roomed together when knowing each other previously and it had completely ruined their entire friendship. My roommate was someone that I graduated with and was close friends when we were little. I was very afraid that because we were so different, we would drive each other crazy. In reality, being opposite has worked for the better for us. Our class schedules are completely different, which means we have time to ourselves, and we are so concerned about bothering the other that we don’t even let the other roommate bother us. I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful roommate that I don’t have to worry about things getting stolen from me or one that will keep me up all hours of the night. I also expected college to be better than high school on the level of making friends. Most people in my high school tortured me for being such a geek, and I literally hated every moment that I was at Red Bay High School. Here at UAB, the students are so diverse that it is possible to
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College Short Writing - I was slightly had coming into...

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