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Answers to Questions Documents - all three papers, short writing on ethos and short writing on context 1. Self knowledge I learned to write in a clear and concise manner English 101 was at first a challenge. I was unsure how to express myself without knowing exactly what is proper to say and what was improper. I would sometimes surprise myself because of what I could say in a paper. I tended to be afraid to say anything because of the consequences and discovered that I just said more I would have done a lot better. Learned how to put my higher complex writing into ideas. The Third Paper that was written was the most difficult to me because I had applied concepts and compares them. This helps me understand the basics of this kind of writing I started developing more of a style and expanded my vocabulary usage in the papers. I now feel free to write on a higher vocabulary level I learned to easily write a massive amount of paperwork with no problem of issues have learned to become more organized when it comes to my writing. Sometimes, I tend to throw stuff together in a word document and write as a go, and get into much of a hurry that sometimes the paragraphs don’t' cover what the topic sentence says. that is evident in paper 1: many of my topic sentences did not cover the paragraph topic. I had to learn to specifically form my paragraphs in order for them to make sense. I had to learn to keep the reader interested. Thanks to English comp and honors classes, I can now write long papers that fulfill the requirement with no problem. I no longer panic at a 12 page paper. 2. Content knowledge
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Notes for Last Paper - Answers to Questions Documents all...

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