National Deficit Essay

National Deficit Essay - It continues to rise and rise. The...

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It continues to rise and rise. The water flows out at a steady pace. The drain is clogged. There are people all around, watching the water accumulate in the bathtub. They stare, carelessly, as the water level rises. Water slowly reaches the rim of the bathtub; it overflows. Still, people are gazing into the tub, all pondering what to do. Should they react to it or let someone else solve the problem? The floor they stand on will continue to saturate. Soon, water will rise to the ceiling, trapping them; that is, if the floor does not collapse beneath them. There is a terrible feeling of helplessness although a simple solution is within reach. The danger of ignoring the warning signals will soon have transpired. Click, Click, Click. Everyone turns their attention to the clock on the wall. The repeated sound of the national debt clock reverberates against the wall as it compounds its numbers higher and higher. It continually grows at a pace of over one and a half billion dollars a day. The water flowing out of the tub congruently matches the pace of the clock on the wall. Their bodies motionless as the water asphyxiates them. There are numerous ways in which the national debt continues to grow upon itself. One of these ways is the running trade deficit. When any two parties come together and agree on a trade, no one loses because they both have something to gain in the trade. But suppose that the debtor is foolish, gets himself in over his head, and then finds that he cannot repay the sum he had agreed on. However, this is not a problem of a debter alone. Any consumer may spend foolishly; a man may spend his entire paycheck on an expensive item and then find that he cannot feed his family. However, there is one
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crucial difference: if a man gets in over his head and he cannot pay, the creditor suffers too, because the debtor has failed to return the creditor's money. The United States running trade deficit continues to grow every year because Americans consume more
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National Deficit Essay - It continues to rise and rise. The...

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